2015-11-11 NeilUpdate to point at irker's new gitlab repo master
2015-11-11 Neil MullerMerged in unit193/bzr-irker-plugin (pull request #1)
2015-09-18 Unit 193Only run on post_commit
2015-09-18 Unit 193Update URLs to Bitbucket.
2013-01-27 NeilTruncate file list if it looks likely to be too long
2013-01-27 NeilTruncate messages to some 'sensible' length before...
2012-11-18 NeilAdd test covering sending data
2012-11-18 NeilFix configuratio thinko
2012-11-17 NeilRemove extra hook added due to misunderstanding bzr...
2012-11-17 NeilMake port and server config vars
2012-11-17 Neilpep8 & pyflakes testirker. Add extra test case
2012-11-17 NeilMention INSTALL in README
2012-11-17 NeilAdd more useful help test
2012-11-17 NeilInstall instructions
2012-11-17 Neilremove self.repository in favour of self.branch.repository
2012-11-11 NeilFix testsuite
2012-11-11 Neilremove url reference from
2012-11-11 NeilVarious cleanups and pep8 / pyflakes fixes
2012-11-11 NeilDrop url from message
2012-11-11 NeilMinor cleanup. Fix mulitple channels to match irkerhook...
2012-11-11 NeilFix typo in config entry name
2012-11-11 NeilWork-around double commit message
2012-11-11 NeilBugfixing
2012-11-11 NeilSimplfy entrypoint and add files code (both taken from...
2012-11-11 NeilSketchy, sketchy tests
2012-11-11 NeilFix colours dict. Remove body (it may return later...
2012-11-11 NeilAdd template and colour info
2012-11-11 Neilrename to bzrirker everywhere. Add project name option
2012-11-11 NeilBorrow from bzr-email
2012-11-11 NeilSketch in skeleton of module from bzr-email
2012-11-11 NeilSketch in test suite files (from bzr-email)
2012-11-10 NeilAdd standard ignores
2012-11-10 NeilAdd README & COPYRIGHT