Less buggy Kivy 1.7 hackery
[erdslangetjie.git] / data /
2013-04-20 NeilRemove soem used skellington stuff. Reorganise stuff...
2013-04-20 NeilMore levels
2013-04-19 NeilAdd level
2013-04-19 NeilAdd another level
2013-04-19 NeilAdd level
2013-04-19 NeilAdd another level
2013-04-19 NeilAdd sound files
2013-04-18 NeilRename things to the final game name
2013-04-18 NeilAdd extra level
2013-04-18 NeilTweak level
2013-04-18 NeilAdd gate and button to 1st level
2013-04-18 NeilAdd placeholder images for button and grate
2013-04-18 NeilAdd gameplay notes to README. Tweak instructions
2013-04-18 NeilAdd instructions to the intro screen
2013-04-18 NeilAdd different entry tile to distinguish from the exit
2013-04-17 NeilImprove tile appearance
2013-04-17 NeilWon, lost and placeholder intro screen
2013-04-17 NeilFix level format error
2013-04-17 NeilTweak level sizes
2013-04-16 NeilRedo the walls
2013-04-16 NeilTweak and resize floor and door tiles
2013-04-16 Neilresize player and nemesis sprites
2013-04-15 NeilAdvance through the levels
2013-04-15 NeilResize levels
2013-04-14 NeilAdd sprite for the player
2013-04-14 NeilAdd nemesis sprite
2013-04-14 NeilEditor displays something, although it's hack'ish
2013-04-14 NeilAdd blank level to init editor
2013-04-14 NeilAdd level format description and simple test level
2013-04-14 NeilImport skellington