Less buggy Kivy 1.7 hackery
[erdslangetjie.git] / erdslangetjie /
2013-07-18 NeilLess buggy Kivy 1.7 hackery master
2013-07-18 NeilTweak drawing code. Ensure we try children for touch...
2013-07-17 NeilPEP8
2013-07-17 NeilExplicitly pass touch events to child widgets (needed...
2013-07-17 NeilRework imports to get correct screen size with kivy 1.7
2013-04-20 NeilActually use kivy's cache when loading resources
2013-04-20 NeilMore kivy'ish way of silencing logging
2013-04-20 NeilAvoid a infinite loop when scrolling is involved
2013-04-20 NeilDon't do unneeded work after the level's done
2013-04-20 NeilRedo draw logic to create fewer widgets, which seems...
2013-04-20 NeilDon't be as stict when deciding if the player has press...
2013-04-20 NeilTweak logic around restarting, to avoid some bugs
2013-04-19 NeilLog some info on level calls
2013-04-19 Neil'Fix' crash bug on android
2013-04-19 Neilfix sound check for gate sound
2013-04-19 NeilHook up some basic sound support
2013-04-19 NeilHook up some stuff to the settings options
2013-04-18 NeilRename things to the final game name
2013-04-18 NeilCleanup more state - hopefully fix some stale game...
2013-04-18 NeilSpeed up arrival of the nemesis
2013-04-18 Neil'Better' AI
2013-04-18 Neilrefactor reset code. Add extra move to speed up nemesis...
2013-04-18 Neilremove debugging prints
2013-04-18 NeilDo nothing on null moves
2013-04-18 NeilMake AI destory gates
2013-04-18 NeilMake buttons trigger
2013-04-18 NeilRefactor
2013-04-18 NeilLoad correct images for gate and buttons
2013-04-18 NeilDisplay dialog of levels with errors at startup, rather...
2013-04-18 Neilpep8 fix
2013-04-18 NeilFix corner case crash
2013-04-18 NeilMove game validation to level_list
2013-04-18 NeilSave levels
2013-04-18 NeilRemove debugging print. Standardise validation behaviour
2013-04-18 NeilFix counting bug in validate
2013-04-18 NeilValidate levels during gameplay
2013-04-18 NeilRemove debugging prints. Add get_data method for saving
2013-04-18 NeilEditor now changes the map
2013-04-18 NeilRefactor code and add some editor functions
2013-04-18 NeilRedo keyboard navigation code to support WASD as well
2013-04-18 NeilStart work on gate trap
2013-04-17 NeilBetter tool names
2013-04-17 NeilStart hooking up editor functions
2013-04-17 NeilUse different window size for the editor
2013-04-17 NeilHook up very, very stupid nemesis movement for testing...
2013-04-17 Neilpep8 cleanup
2013-04-17 NeilDisable logging earlier
2013-04-17 NeilUse labels, to make things look better
2013-04-17 NeilBetter button placement
2013-04-17 Neilpep8 cleanup
2013-04-17 NeilCrudely hook up screens
2013-04-17 NeilAdd reset method
2013-04-17 NeilForce main app to respect the configured window size
2013-04-17 NeilAndroid fullscreen should be auto
2013-04-17 NeilMove some stuff to constants. Add QUIET flag for release
2013-04-16 NeilRedo the walls
2013-04-16 NeilTweak and resize floor and door tiles
2013-04-16 NeilTweak so we're explicitly fullscreen on android. Tweak...
2013-04-16 NeilTweak editor layout
2013-04-16 Neil"better" auto-scrolling support
2013-04-16 NeilFix ordering bug
2013-04-16 NeilVery hack'ish scrolling support
2013-04-16 NeilAdd helper method
2013-04-16 NeilBump tile size for better results on android
2013-04-16 NeilHack'ish mouse-based navigation (hopefully portable...
2013-04-16 NeilNemesis appears on the map. Refactor code accordingly
2013-04-15 NeilAdvance through the levels
2013-04-15 NeilFix editor level loading and size
2013-04-15 NeilTweak window size
2013-04-15 NeilTweak level loading code
2013-04-15 NeilSimple keyboard based maze navigation
2013-04-15 Neilcan_move check for player objects
2013-04-15 NeilAdd blocked check to level
2013-04-15 NeilStrip newlines off map when loading
2013-04-15 NeilDisplay player at the start
2013-04-15 Neiladd basic player sprites
2013-04-15 NeilTweak level object
2013-04-14 NeilHook up display code to game
2013-04-14 NeilRework display code to avoid Scatter widget
2013-04-14 NeilEditor displays something, although it's hack'ish
2013-04-14 NeilAdd some code for silencing some of kivy's loggin
2013-04-14 NeilAdd specifying filename to editor
2013-04-14 NeilAdd level format description and simple test level
2013-04-14 Neilpep8 cleanup
2013-04-14 NeilNormalise file paths in data.py
2013-04-14 Neilmake game display a window as well
2013-04-14 NeilEditor displays blank window
2013-04-14 NeilMore layout setup tweaking
2013-04-14 NeilImport skellington